Minimal Madness

I thought i’d add another feature section concerning some graphical works….after all, this is about photography AND design😉 About a year ago i fell in love with the minimal movie poster concept, or “minima” as i like to call it. You know, movie posters with maybe a picture or some words that sum up a movie in its entirety. Maybe it would be a key scene in the movie or perhaps a famous quote. I tried my hand at it and got some, if any, positive feedback, including a feature on Red Bubble. Anyway, here are some of the best minimal movie posters designed by users of Red Bubble (i should look further afield for future features) that i have come across and hope you enjoy them as much as i do. Just click on the image to be taken the user’s page. Please note that each piece is subject to copyright by the artists. Enjoy:)

Taxi Driver
“My Taxi Driver minimal movie poster” by ChungKong

“Snatch” by premidito

Django Unchained
“Django Unchained custom movie poster” by Dan Koskie

“Spaceballs minimalist poster” by Hunter Langston

Reservior Dogs
“Reservoir Dogs” by Phunt

Terminator 2
“Terminator 2 (alternative poster 2)” by Malc Foy

“Forrest Gump” by Megan Romo

“Robocop Minimal” by rikovski

Shaun of the Dead
“You’ve Got Red On You” by mannypdesign

“Equilibrium Poster” by Jens Arne Larsen Aas

2 thoughts on “Minimal Madness

  1. Stevie, I’m Megan Romo (the Forrest Gump print designer) and I just wanted to thank you for posting about my work. As you well know, a designer lives for that kind of validation. Thanks!

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